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We now offer a delivery service for Timber in the Auckland region

To make things easy for our Auckland customers we are offering a delivery service when you purchase any of our products. For more information give us a call on 0800 TIMBA 4 U

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Timber Specials (+ GST)

Rosewood TG&V


$6.89 incl per lineal metre

This Rosewood Tongue and Groove paneling will make the perfect feature wall in your home. Rosewood TG&V is a yellowish light brown to a light red colour and comes in lengths ranging from 3.6 to 4.2 metres long and has a 83mm cover.


Vitex Watershed Decking


$7.59 incl per lineal metre

Vitex decking is one of the most popular and reliable decking timbers in New Zealand.
This watershed profile is designed to assist in the run-off of the rain water from the surface of the deck. Lengths are random ranging from 2 to 4.2 metres long.


Tulip Oak Dressed


$31.74 incl per lineal metre

Also known as PNG Oak Tulip Oak is a cheap alternative to American White Oak.  It is blond in colour and the grains are running straight.  Also is about half the price compared to American Oak. There are 2.7 metre lengths available in store.
But longer lengths can be organised as well!


Saligna T&G Flooring


$11.25 incl per lineal metre

Saligna is a eucalypt timber with a pinkish colour sourced from New Zealand and Australia.  Lengths are random and has a 84mm cover.


Cedar Dressed


$37.79 incl per lineal metre

Western Red Cedar sustainably sourced from the forests of British Columbia is the perfect timber for your D.I.Y needs.  Cedar has a beautiful distinct smell when freshly cut and has a very low shrinkage factor.  Lengths are 2.4 and 3.6 metres long.


Core Products


 - Home

We stock good quality hardwood decking, namely Kwila & Vitex. We also stock a good amount of 2nd grade product for the bargain hunters – good for making outdoor furniture.

Prices are Per Lineal Metre and exclude GST


 - Home

At Timberman, we stock a vast range of timber mouldings for your interior or exterior projects.

Prices exclude GST

Timber Dressed Four Sides

 - Home

We stock a wide range of dressed boards. Our core species are Pine, Western Red Cedar, Rosewood, American Oak and Fijian Yaka.


 - Home

We stock a range of H3.1 treated bevel-back weatherboards ranging from Ex 150 to 250mm wide.

Prices exclude GST

Tongue & Groove Paneling & Flooring

 - Home

We have a good range of TGV paneling in various sizes and species to suit the look you’re going for. Ask Shay for more details.

For other sizes or species, ask Shay.

Fencing & Framing

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Pricing excludes GST


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We have a range of D.I.Y tooling, as well as high quality decking screws and adhesives.