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We now offer a delivery service for Timber in the Auckland region

To make things easy for our Auckland customers we are offering a delivery service when you purchase any of our products. For more information give us a call on 0800 TIMBA 4 U

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Timber Specials (incl GST)

American White Oak

180×19 – Dressed 4 sides

$34.04 incl per lineal metre

Our Oak is all dressed, crown cuts have a beautiful figured grain.

Great for interior joinery.  Lengths are 4.8m long.




American White Ash

180×19 – Dressed 4 sides

$27.88 incl per lineal metre

Ash is a non durable timber, nice and light with a great strength


Great for sports equipment, furniture.  Lengths are 3.6m long.


Tulip Oak

190×45 – Dressed 4 sides

$41.51 incl per lineal metre

Also known as PNG Oak.  This is a cheap alternative to American Oak.

Lengths are 3m long.


Rosewood 190×45 – Dressed 4 sides

$58.76 incl per lineal metre

This Rosewood is beautiful and durable.

Great for furniture and cabinet work.  Lengths are 2.1m long.


African Hardwood

90×19 – Dressed 4 sides

$5.75 incl per lineal metre

This type of hardwood is very strong, super dense and heavy.

Random lengths from 1m to 2m long.


Core Products

Decking Timber

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We stock good quality hardwood decking timber in NZ, namely Kwila & Vitex. We also stock a good amount of 2nd grade product for the bargain hunters – good for making outdoor furniture.

Prices are Per Lineal Metre and exclude GST


 - Home

At Timberman, we stock a vast range of timber mouldings for your interior or exterior projects.

Prices exclude GST

Timber Dressed Four Sides

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We stock a wide range of dressed boards. Our core species are Pine, Western Red Cedar, Rosewood, American Oak and Fijian Yaka.


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We stock a range of H3.1 treated bevel-back weatherboards ranging from Ex 150 to 250mm wide.

Prices exclude GST

Tongue & Groove Paneling & Flooring

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We have a good range of TGV paneling in various sizes and species to suit the look you’re going for. Ask Shay for more details.

For other sizes or species, ask Shay.

Fencing & Framing

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Pricing excludes GST


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We have a range of D.I.Y tooling, as well as high quality decking screws and adhesives.